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To be continued...
Me - "So Laura, where were you born?
 Laura -  "In the Bronx, NY."
Me – “So Laura, where did you grow up?”
 Laura – “In , Ronkonkoma, NY. I like it better in NYC.”
Me- “Was fashion always a passion of yours?”
 Laura – “Yes. I would spend hours in my room alone growing up on Long Island, NY, drawing and designing glamorous gowns from a stencil ink pen."  I found my love for fashion as a young girl, but my dream vanished, I guess you could say I am a late bloomer.  In 2008, I started selling my own clothes & jewelry in Berkeley & San Fran flea markets for extra money.  I went to thrift stores in my local town, but at one point I really didn't know anything about vintage, although, I was already wearing & buying vintage & didn't even know it.   l would study about it, so that I would buy the clothes properly & started buying more and more clothes due to my eagle eye for vintage. Learning from my family rubbed off on me naturally,which led into shows at Nob Hill,  San Franciso Vintage Expositions, & the Santa Monica Civic & Beverly Hills. I then upgraded on Ebay & Etsy online in 2010 & sold high-end donated estate vintage clothing to make ends meet to list in my Etsy Store.  I put up & handed out fliers so people could check out my clothing. I have recently presented my line in a Northen Cali Antique Vintage Store & a Celebrity Charity Gala in West Hollywood, CA in 2012.
 Me – “Was there anyone in particular who inspired your interest in vintage clothing?”
 Laura – “Yes the 30 year veterans I have met at the Vintage Expositions & the memories that the clothing brought me back to from my upbringing on Long Island. NY, which enabled me to make money as I developed this crazy passion for it.  Now I can’t ever get enough.  I am always looking for another beautiful piece.”
Me – “Why do you love vintage?”
 Laura– “Because it sets me apart me from the trendsetters, which usually fade in time, but vintage will remain historic and authentic forever.  The authenticy of the piece and the story behind the clothing brings a new connection to me, and the JOY of who will bring a new story & new connection in this business amazes me everytime.  When I purchase a new piece, I ask myself, now who am I buying this for and I ask, "I wonder who will wear this and who it is really for?"
 Me – “How many parts of your business are there?”
  Laura - I am hoping I will someday have a much larger audience & see one of my pieces on the Red Carpet.  I can still dream can't I?  Afterall, my dream was stolen from me a long time ago.
Me – “How long have you been in the vintage industry?”
 Laura- "Since 2008" well, at least I thought I was until people came around me to teach me what they knew about real true vintage, the feel of textile and eras.
 Me – “What is your favorite era?”
  Laura – “The 50s because, everyone was so much happier then.” But, I will eventually be weening out of the 50s into something else.
Me – “Is it easy to identify a vintage garment? Can you give some examples?”
 Laura – “Yes it is!  A 50s piece usually has the original side metal zipper unless its been replaced over time.  Although, I always wanted to be a 60s70s child, I started to see that the real wholesome glamour was more becoming & long lasting.”
 Me – “What era would you say is the hardest to find items from?
 Laura – “Anything from the 20s and earlier.  It's sad that the Old Hollywood is no longer the real Hollywood anymore.
 Me – “What do you think it is about vintage that makes it so desirable?”
 Laura – “The quality of the clothing.  I'm bored in commercial retail environments, with racks of identical clothing.  Real vintage clothing, the quality of the fabric and design can last a life time if well taken care of.”
 Me – “What’s your favorite piece of vintage that you own?”
 Laura – “My 1950s Bathing suit with the original Metal Zipper" from a Manhattan Expo.  Fits me like a glove, but never worn in public.
Me – “Do you have any favorite Vintage designers?”
 Laura – “Many,  Valentino”
 Me – “If you could own one iconic piece of vintage what would it be?”
 Laura – “An authentic vintage 1920s flapper with it's entirety.”
 Me – “Do you only sell in the US or is your company international?”
 Laura – “Etsy gives me the ability to sell worldwide without leaving my home except to the Post Office, of course."
 Me – “What are your biggest international destinations?”
 Laura – “Australia & United Kingdom”
 Me – “What are your plans for the future of the business?”
 Laura – "I want to be able to buy in volume, so someday I could see my designs & logos featured in an established glamourous magazine."  I want my business to grow & be exposed in the celebrity world & their stylists to be seen on the red carpet.”  But, mostly what is important to me in ALL, is: I want  my business to bring JOY in helping others that are less fortunate, so I can use a small percentage of my earnings to help change lives and to give the Lord Jesus Christ all the GLORY in ALL I do.